High School DnD Game

Meeting Acererak

After coming through the portal, the party entered a large antechamber. Acererak himself stood in the center, his phylactery suspended above him, and he was in the form of a dragon. During the battle, Serena and Hodor were killed before the God-Golem was defeated. The Archmage managed to raise the two of them, reinvigorating them wit their full power. It was at that point that Serena realized there was no trace of Acererak’s skull: the last remnant of his physical form. If that survived, he would be able to rebuild his phylactery and live on. The party found him using a ritual and went after him immediately. He was located in the center chamber of the Abandoned Tomb, already hard at work recreating his body. Acererak fought long and hard against the party one they arrived. Serena put herself in harm’s way to save the others by cutting off the skull’s ability to move, and she was killed first. Lance took a risk by coming close to the demilich as well, and was summarily killed. Remi and Hodor were slain by the same burst of elemental energy, and Elaxi sacrificed herself to stop him from killing Herman. The swordmage took this opportunity to take on the skull head-to-head, and unleashed his full fury upon the demilich. Even this was not enough, however, and Acererak crushed Herman’s mind with a crippling fear. The party lies dead in a dilapidated Tomb of Horrors, and Acererak can complete his bid for godhood unmolested.

Advance through Pluton
Bone Bro

The party took a short rest after defeating the aspects of Lance’s past, then continued into the dungeon. They fought with a large set of animated armours in a shrine to Tuern, the God of War who was killed by his brothers, Kord and Gruumsh, in the next room. They did not find a gem-key here, though they searched for ages. They found themselves in a room in the Feywild, and an eladrin named Hespotherad was waiting for them. He challenged them to a game of Villains and Vigilantes, daring the party to beat his skills. They did, with great help from Remi, and Hespotherad stormed off in a rage. They party found another gem-key here before desecrating the room and leaving. The next room was a large cavern with an Aspect of Vecna commanding a group of cultists. Hodor was hesitant about fighting Vecna’s helpers, but Serena’s falcon solved that problem by disrupting a pool of black slime in the middle of the room. A bone collecter emerged and began to attack every creature in the room. After a long battle between the monster, Vecna’s forces, and the party, the heroes emerged victorious with a gem-key for their troubles. Sensing teleportation magic in the pool of slime, Serena advised the party to wade through the muck in order to find the exit. They found themselves in a large seven-pointed chamber with a skull etched into the floor. The skull wore an eight-pointed crown, and each gem-key fit into each point. A portal to a hidden room opened in the skull’s open mouth. The final challenge awaits.

The Dead God of the Dead

The party encountered the Winter Witch after clearing her castle. She was handily defeated, and the Archmage, Remi von Gerbellstein, told the party about a lost plane called Pluton. He gave them the planar coordinates and insisted he go with then to provide academic proof. Once they arrived, the group found the skull of Nerull, the deceased God of the Dead. He was killed by the Raven Queen and Vecna in a joint coup for Nerull’s power. An arcane storm was brewing over the skull, leading the heroes to seek shelter inside. Once in, the group found a large throneroom, and Herman and Hodor checked out the throne. After stealing the throne’s adornment, including a glowing gem-key, a small skull spoke to the heroes, threatening them with visions of death and torment. Pressing on, the party chose one of several portals to go through. On the other side was a room occupied by a vampire lord and his minions, who the party took on immediately. Ignoring a glowing pool of light, the group killed the vampire the hard way. They picked up two small gem-keys from the vampire’s body as they looted it. Gong through another portal, the group discovered a huge pile of bones, and Lance’s history was revealed to the party. Tapestries on the wall depicting his life were animated, however, and aspects of Orcus and Demogorgon attacked. Orcus went down unreasonably quickly, and Herman slew Demogorgon in one-on-one combat.

The Winter Witch
Road to the Winter Palace

The archmage informed the party of a theft that had recently occurred in the mage’s guild. The Winter Witch had taken roughly half the library’s components, and disappeared. He also promised that he would give them access to the Planar Shift ritual for free if they brought him back her eye as well as the books she stole. The party accepted, and shifted to the Shadowfell, where their first clue had led them. Once there, they met Sir Keegan outside the Keep on the Shadowfell, the legendary waypoint of the planes, and found themselves in the Monastery of St. Alabat. Evidence that a great battle had taken place was evident, and the party found a small hole in the back wall that led them to a bridge. Once there, the realized they were no longer in the Keep, but in a mountainous region of the Shadowfell that changed planes with its altitude.The party ventured towards the other side of the bridge, a mountain called the Crone’s Finger, when the Monastery behind them exploded. Serena was able to discern that it was smote by Orcus, and they saw a large form rise from the building’s flames. They ran to the Crone’s Finger, not wanting to risk their lives in combat with the Demon Prince, and found a teleportation circle that transported them to the Feywild. This was the Winter Witch’s path into the natural world, as the party soon figured out. However, the area they were in suddenly froze, and a great shard of ice rose on the horizon. The trek was two days long. On the way, they found an ancient white dragon, dead, encased in ice. Once at the Winter Palace, Hodor tricked the sentinel into letting them through, but the party had to fight the Witch’s minions. As the Witch looked on, she cried out as the last of her servants were destroyed. She would fight to her dying breath.

Ruinblade's Ascent

The party dropped into a cavernous chamber, with a large archwraith in the center. He was Moghadam, architect of Acererak’s dungeons, and wielder of Ruinblade. After a long and hard fight, he was eventually wounded, and Ruinblade abandoned him at that moment. From then on, he was easily defeated. After Moghadam fell, Ruinblade appeared in a central cairn, and Elaxi picked it up. She swore an oath to it, binding the two together. The back of the chamber held a small library containing Moghadam’s knowledge of Acererak and his plans, as well as valuable tomes and scrolls. Essentially, the archlich wants to become a god. He has given up his dream of obtaining god-like power for an infinitely worse alternative. A portal opened up below the cairn, and Hodor jumped in. It was linked to a spot about a hundred feet over Baldur’s Gate, and he created a small crater when he landed. The rest of the party landed well, and they made their way to the local mage’s guild to sell their spoils. Once there, they met with the archmage.

Into the Vault of Horror
Ratcheting it up

The group followed the stairway down into the shadows, where it ended in a small room. The keys in Hodor’s and Lance’s pockets started to glow, and a pit materialized in the center of the room. Hodor jumped down, and the rest of the party followed. The familiar pull of teleportation magic alerted them to their shift in location, and they emerged from a similar chamber to a great entrance hall lined with shadowy pillars. At the end of this hall was another Devourer, and two adventurers were attempting to get through the puzzling door. Thelandor Ame, the ranger, and Serena Lucia, the wizard, cautiously welcomed the party’s help, and Hodor and Lance easily found the exit to the chamber: there were keyholes located in the Devourer’s eyes. They simultaneously turned their keys, and a trap was triggered. Copies of several of the party members emerged from the shadows and attacked. While the party dealt with their doppelgangers, the two new additions quickly dispatched the source of the arcane energies fueling the trap. The Devourer exploded, leaving room for the group to push through to the next room. Hodor ran ahead and crashed into a heavy portcullis. He couldn’t lift it, but Lance easily could. The group was soon face-to-face with a great stone gargoyle, crouched on a wall. Hodor’s familiar scouted ahead, but was torn apart by the magics imbued within the room. The party warily ventured forth, and each was flung to different walls, pulled by the room’s intricate system of gravity wells. The gargoyle sprang to life and flew to each of the walls, attempting to kill the party, and almost succeeded. However, the timely arrival of Herman and Lupinticus turned the tide in the party’s favor, allowing for the monster to be slain and the magic to disperse. The exit was found by Thelandor, and after a short rest, the group ventured on. Herman and Hodor saw a bejeweled skull on an altar to Acererak and, without thinking, they both ran up and grabbed it. The two of them received two fake gems for their troubles, but the floor collapsed as a result, revealing a ninety foot drop. The rest of the party quickly ran in to see what happened, and saw a small hole in the pillar that had been the altar. Upon further inspection, they recognized the pillar was hollow, and Hodor teleported up to join the party. Herman, however, was left to face the second half of the trap, the false collapsing ceiling. After being buried in rubble, he grabbed the rope that was dropped for him and scaled the tower. The group now faces what can only be the sactum of Moghadam, the archwraith who has been the architect of all these dungeons.

Continuance of Horror
Rats, Spiders, and Snakes

Upon taking a long rest after a day of adventuring within the Tomb of Horrors, the group ventured forth once more, delving deeper into the deadly dungeon. They immediately happened upon a small hallway filled with exposed pits, poisoned spikes clearly visible at the bottom. The small group had to jump across each one as they became progressively deeper, until the final one was revealed to be filled with thousands of spiders, rats, and snakes. Lance dropped oil into the pit and proceeded to light it with a dropped torch, relishing the resulting fireball. The last of the pests could be seen running into the walls to escape. Taking care to make this final jump, Hodor led the group along a fake hallway while Elaxi stayed behind. Lance joined her as she descended into the pit, as she noticed something strange. The flames had burned away a portion of moss that had covered the walls of the pit, and an opening had been revealed. Taking care not to touch the ground (while still scooping up treasure), Lance ventured further into the crevasse. It was not until Elaxi jumped down and brushed against the empty stone floor that the trap was triggered, sending the flow of vermin towards them. Escaping to an enclosed room at the end of a long hall, Elaxi and Lance were trapped by the sheer pressure of the mass of life pressed against the door. Hodor, growing suspicious, followed them down the pit and discovered that the pests had taken the form of a giant humanoid figure, and realized they were facing a fear golem. Once the group found they could fight their foe, they easily dispatched it. Several secret doors later, they found themselves in a workshop, where Hodor found a skeleton key behind a paint can. The group continued through the increasingly curvy complex, stopping once they reached a crossroads. To the left, as Lance found out the hard way, was a trap that could demolish entire halls. And straight ahead, a gloomy cavern. The party chose the latter option. In there, they found an elven maiden surrounded by golden mist. She attacked, and the party made short work of her, barely getting damaged in the process. Around her neck was a second skeleton key, one that Lance took. The other side of the cavern held a carefully concealed passageway, and on the other side, the party found a huge staircase, descending into darkness.

The Tomb of Horrors
The Most Dangerous Dungeon

After spending some downtime helping the townsfolk of Baldur’s Gate, the group received a small discount at the local pet shop, with half the group buying wyverns, and the others buying various other mounts. Elaxi used her knowledge of the city to find a decent navigator who could direct the party towards Skull City. This guide helped the party until the City was within view, at which point Freytag’s mount tired of the walk and ate the navigator. Against their better judgement, the group entered the city and encountered a shadowy figure tailing them through the mist. When Freytag asked the figure who he was, he revealed himself to be an orphaned halfling ghost, left to wander the ruins of Skull City forever. While Herman Pain and Mournrysn Calfryn were held back by their teammates, the halfling,known as Skullbreaker, quickly told Elaxi and Freytag about the dangers of the Abandoned Tomb, including the archwraith, Moghadam, that lives within. Skullbreaker then escaped just as the pair of murderous party members could no longer be contained, and they decided to quell their anger by finding and killing whatever laid within the Tomb of Horrors. After finding MANY secret doors inside, the group began to feel as though the Tomb was not nearly as dangerous as tales had made it seem. They found evidence of mass slaughters and ruined treasures, but there was little for them to face in the present. Until, that is, the group emerged from a tunnel to find three demons feasting on infernal energies within a dilapidated church. The demons were defeated after a long fight, and the group emerged more powerful than ever before.

Meeting Up
Raiding through the Tomb of Shadows

A brief flashback was required to show the first meeting of Freytag and Elaxi. They both appeared in the domed room, when Freytag mirrored Hodor’s later actions and placed himself in a similar situation. Fortunately, he found Mournrysn, who had been trancing within the Devourer for nine months. The three quickly escaped from the room and found their feast awaiting them, which is when the rest of the party caught up to them. The entire group was relatively cooperative, mostly due to Mournrysn’s commanding influence, and they proceeded along the dungeon’s path. They found the secret exit from a necrotic waterfall in the next chamber, but Elaxi was hurt by a trap in the process. The group slowly made their way through the winding tunnel, but emerged in a long corridor with a Devourer on the opposite wall. The magic in the room had long since dissipated, leaving the adventurers little reason not to push through to the next room, where their lost gear was recovered, along with some more items of varying power. This was all to prepare them for a final confrontation on a Bone Bridge, however, where the team’s potential really shone. Elaxi read the journal of a dead Shadar-Kai adventurer on the history of their enemy, Acererak, in the next room, and the party succeeded in dismantling the Shadow Engine at the end of the Tomb. A large skull appeared and harmed every member of the party, but the group was relatively unfazed. They now stand in the center of Baldur’s Gate, building up resources before tackling their next step: Skull City.

Acererak's Sigil
NOT an Orb of Annihilation

Cap’n Frie-, I’m sorry, Herman Pain and Lance Ki-, no… Lance Kelron were joined by Hodor as they were about to leave Moil, the City of Shadows. Hodor walked into a portal, leaving the other two to follow his lead. The trio was dumped in the Shadow Tomb, where Silva had realized earlier that Acererak’s corrupting devices were being held. As the three heroes examined their surroundings, they found a large, demonic head in the middle of the room, with a black orb in its mouth. Sword wraiths attacked when Hodor attempted to examine the head, and the three dispatched the spirits handily. When Hodor finally got his chance to examine the head, he saw its eyes were closed. He called upon his historical knowledge to recognize that while this was Acererak’s unique symbol, it had never before been depicted with its eyes shut. He summarily pried open one of the eyes to reveal a large ruby, which he took. Herman Pain tried the same with the other eye, and found an emerald,. When he took this, however, a trap was triggered, leading a deadly mist to flow into the chamber from all sides. Hodor took his chance to run, and was teleported into the shadowy orb, nude. Lance saw footsteps coming from several portals, and ran into one of these ‘safe’ portals. He appeared in a great dining hall, missing nothing but his protective amulet. Hodor climbed out of his dark prison and saw Herman follow Lance into the portal. Herman appeared next to Lance, feeling slightly weaker as a result. When Hodor finally worked up the courage to follow Herman through, he felt a strange compulsion to kill his teammates. The feeling soon passed, and the three were faced with a monumental feast. Already sitting at the table, however, were a few more heroes.


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