High School DnD Game

Advance through Pluton

Bone Bro

The party took a short rest after defeating the aspects of Lance’s past, then continued into the dungeon. They fought with a large set of animated armours in a shrine to Tuern, the God of War who was killed by his brothers, Kord and Gruumsh, in the next room. They did not find a gem-key here, though they searched for ages. They found themselves in a room in the Feywild, and an eladrin named Hespotherad was waiting for them. He challenged them to a game of Villains and Vigilantes, daring the party to beat his skills. They did, with great help from Remi, and Hespotherad stormed off in a rage. They party found another gem-key here before desecrating the room and leaving. The next room was a large cavern with an Aspect of Vecna commanding a group of cultists. Hodor was hesitant about fighting Vecna’s helpers, but Serena’s falcon solved that problem by disrupting a pool of black slime in the middle of the room. A bone collecter emerged and began to attack every creature in the room. After a long battle between the monster, Vecna’s forces, and the party, the heroes emerged victorious with a gem-key for their troubles. Sensing teleportation magic in the pool of slime, Serena advised the party to wade through the muck in order to find the exit. They found themselves in a large seven-pointed chamber with a skull etched into the floor. The skull wore an eight-pointed crown, and each gem-key fit into each point. A portal to a hidden room opened in the skull’s open mouth. The final challenge awaits.



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