High School DnD Game


Meeting Acererak

After coming through the portal, the party entered a large antechamber. Acererak himself stood in the center, his phylactery suspended above him, and he was in the form of a dragon. During the battle, Serena and Hodor were killed before the God-Golem was defeated. The Archmage managed to raise the two of them, reinvigorating them wit their full power. It was at that point that Serena realized there was no trace of Acererak’s skull: the last remnant of his physical form. If that survived, he would be able to rebuild his phylactery and live on. The party found him using a ritual and went after him immediately. He was located in the center chamber of the Abandoned Tomb, already hard at work recreating his body. Acererak fought long and hard against the party one they arrived. Serena put herself in harm’s way to save the others by cutting off the skull’s ability to move, and she was killed first. Lance took a risk by coming close to the demilich as well, and was summarily killed. Remi and Hodor were slain by the same burst of elemental energy, and Elaxi sacrificed herself to stop him from killing Herman. The swordmage took this opportunity to take on the skull head-to-head, and unleashed his full fury upon the demilich. Even this was not enough, however, and Acererak crushed Herman’s mind with a crippling fear. The party lies dead in a dilapidated Tomb of Horrors, and Acererak can complete his bid for godhood unmolested.



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