High School DnD Game


The Dead God of the Dead

The party encountered the Winter Witch after clearing her castle. She was handily defeated, and the Archmage, Remi von Gerbellstein, told the party about a lost plane called Pluton. He gave them the planar coordinates and insisted he go with then to provide academic proof. Once they arrived, the group found the skull of Nerull, the deceased God of the Dead. He was killed by the Raven Queen and Vecna in a joint coup for Nerull’s power. An arcane storm was brewing over the skull, leading the heroes to seek shelter inside. Once in, the group found a large throneroom, and Herman and Hodor checked out the throne. After stealing the throne’s adornment, including a glowing gem-key, a small skull spoke to the heroes, threatening them with visions of death and torment. Pressing on, the party chose one of several portals to go through. On the other side was a room occupied by a vampire lord and his minions, who the party took on immediately. Ignoring a glowing pool of light, the group killed the vampire the hard way. They picked up two small gem-keys from the vampire’s body as they looted it. Gong through another portal, the group discovered a huge pile of bones, and Lance’s history was revealed to the party. Tapestries on the wall depicting his life were animated, however, and aspects of Orcus and Demogorgon attacked. Orcus went down unreasonably quickly, and Herman slew Demogorgon in one-on-one combat.



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