• Elaxi Silvestra

    Elaxi Silvestra

    A Seductive Sadist with a Soft Side
  • Herman Pain

    Herman Pain

    Dragonborn sword mage who Is willing and able to kill almost anything in his path.
  • Hodor


    A human warlock who has no desire other then to kill his father, and get revenge on the man who killed his mother. He is also a devout Vecnan's witness
  • Lance Kelron

    Lance Kelron

    The Fallen God
  • Remi Von Gerrbelstien

    Remi Von Gerrbelstien

    Remi is an Archmage of epic Sanduski proportions
  • Serena Lucia

    Serena Lucia

    Slightly Deranged Elven Wizard
  • Freytag


    Changeling Warlock
  • Lupinticus


    Speaks Little, Knows Much
  • Mournrysn Calfryn

    Mournrysn Calfryn

    The overwhlemingly handsome, powerful drow sorcerer with a shady past and a dark future.
  • Thelandor Ame

    Thelandor Ame

    Is a Lythari, which is a subrace of elf that can trasform into wolves. I am also a Ranger that has a wolf companion by the name Vantar. I am skilled,but not talented with a bow and I am haunted by my past.