Elaxi Silvestra

A Seductive Sadist with a Soft Side


Level 19 Sorcerer
Chaotic Good
Sentimental(sometimes), Sadistic(mostly), Sexual(always).
Average h&w (5’6" 130lbs.)Curvy
First Name Means:Woman With Bright Eyes
Last Name Means: From the Forest


Elaxi Silvestra came into consciousness one day towards the end of her growth. She was already grown up to the size of a eight year old child. She was in the middle of the forest. As she opened her eyes and mind for the first time, she was aware of the energy contained within her. She felt incredible power sustained through some unseen energy and she smiled.

Suddenly the world was full of bright sounds and colors. The breeze tickled her skin and the forest smelled rich and earthy. Birds and beasts roamed near her, unafraid. Everything seemed bright, yet Elaxi could also sense the incredible darkness of the world. She knew she must fight against it, and she became “Good”.

For years after her awakening she roamed the woods, alone. She was always surrounded by trees and creatures, but never company. The monsters she encountered while she ventured forth into the world served merely as practice for her as she honed her chaotic powers. Only after she had slowly injured, defiled, and tortured them did they plead and beg for mercy. She never gave them mercy, though, for she enjoyed pain far too much. (This small quirk can push her into the alignment of “Chaotic Good”, but she ignores that fact.)

Later in life she found villages of man, and realized she was one of them, though even there she felt outcast. Her early childhood was a mystery to her, and it is a touchy subject still. She only remembers waking up alone, surrounded by the trees. In the villages, she passed her time seducing and taking advantage of countless men, all while still remaining relatively remote. She never got too close to people, men or otherwise. She felt that bonds were hard things to forge between people.

Continuing forward in life, she was always alone when she went out adventuring, until the day when she found herself in a hole of never-ending darkness, with a Changeling named Freytag. They decided on a whim to work together to escape whatever place they were trapped in. Events unfolded and situations took unexpected turns, and now Elaxi finds herself in an adventuring party with: Freytag the Changeling, Herman Pain, Hodor, Lance Kelron the Fallen God, Mournrysn Calfryn the Drow Sorcerer, Thelandor Ame the Lythari, and Lupinticus the… talking skeleton…

So far she has remained loyal to this company, but her past of being alone causes her to feel wary of this party. The men whom she’s had do not count as company, seeing as she uses them as her toys. However, hope is on the horizon because with each adventure her faith in the group grows stronger and bonds of friendship and camaraderie are forming day by day.

Slow to Trust Others
Carefree at times, Reserved at others

Elaxi Silvestra

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