Changeling Warlock


Starting Gear: Hooded Robes, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots, Dagger of Mysterious Origin
Changes form constantly
-Has a few he rotates through depending on his mood
-No one knows his true face
-Can disappear by turning into mist


Freytag is a Changeling and has no homeland. His people roam the civilizations of other races and shape-shift to match the race they are living among. Freytag was raised near a small Eladrin settlement. He lived with his father, a mysterious man who tutored and educated Freytag. To ensure the survival of his son, Freytag’s father taught him numerous languages. His father also taught him how to rapidly and efficiently shape-shift, which proved to be very beneficial to Freytag. At the age of six, Freytag’s father arranged a pact with a powerful spirit from the Fey. His son was to sell his soul in exchange for unremarkable power. Soon after, Freytag’s father abandoned his son, and left him a message. The message revealed that Freytag had a a long lost brother. Freytag was instructed to find him and do what he must. At the age of eight, Freytag left his home and sought refuge among many civilizations. He fit in perfectly with his shape-shifting skill and knowledge of multiple languages. For the next hundred years he was educated by the finest wizards and scholars. He journeyed city to city, often shapeshifting as he went. Each city he left, he left numerous lovers. He had transformed his body for each, therefore hiding the fact they were all in love with the same man. Freytag had no particular taste in females, as long as they were of humanoid structure. As he travelled from city to city he developed a reputation for his shape-shifting abilities. Ranging from petty thievery to jewel heists, Freytag has become a world-wide criminal. He once seduced a Drow royal from the house of Calfryn. After gaining her trust, he stole countless gems and artifacts from her room. He sometimes returns to the location of his crimes in a different form many years later. Freytag has never been captured, and no one has ever seen his true form, besides his father. He can escape almost any circumstance by evaporating into mist. The only way one can be truly sure that they were targeted by Freytag is if one finds a broken flask near the crime scene. There are countless nicknames for Freytag, and many more aliases, but Freytag has found the nickname “The Shattered Mist” to be most fitting. Freytag can be often found talking to himself, and shapeshifitng into characters he invented (with whom he engages a casual conversation with). His current whereabouts are unknown.


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