Herman Pain

Dragonborn sword mage who Is willing and able to kill almost anything in his path.


While Herman’s past is a mystery his fellow adventurers have been able to gather some very basic information from his drunken ramblings
• Herman is his own mother don’t ask how
• He is a heavy drinker
• He has an unexplained hatred of orphans
• Why he may yield any and every sword said sword will become the orphan blaster and be fueled by pure hatred
• He is both his own mother and his own father
• He has a son?
• He can fly?
• He Is personal friends with Groomsh and will watch friends with him all the time
• He has been known to accept orphans if they are in his party
• He is a member of famed risk taking group partner and houlihan
• He has secret goals of becoming a bard
• Rape? Yes
• Pillage? Yes
• Vulgarity? Yes
Not much else is known about Herman but Lupinticus being the little bitch he is says that he was in an asylum for a while. YOLO

Love interest- all the characters in friends

Herman Pain

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