A human warlock who has no desire other then to kill his father, and get revenge on the man who killed his mother. He is also a devout Vecnan's witness


Level: 17
Used to have armor, but it was destroyed by a trap
God: Vecna
Class: Warlock
STR: 11
CON: 22
INT: 17
DEX: 11
WIS: 9
CHA: 15
Equipment: Adventuring pack, ruby


Hodor was born in Luskan to a poor bar maid. His Father was a nobleman who abandoned hodor’s mother before Hodor was born. In order to provide for her family Hodor’s mother was forced to take up prostitution. Hodor blames his father for his crippling poverty and the reason why his mother had to become a prostitute. Due to his poverty and his mother’s occupation Hodor was a social outcast and frequently bullied. The bard at the bar hodor and his mother lived in was a good friend to Hodor and he taught Hodor many languages, and acted as a father figure. One day when returning to the bar the bartender told Hodor a man killed his mother over a payment dispute and when the bard tried to stop the man he was killed as well. Hodor rushed to the edge of town and confronted the man who killed his mother. The man sliced Hodor across the face and cut off one of his ears before the city guards chased him off. Realizing he wasn’t strong enough, Hodor made a pact with Vecna to become a Warlock. Vecna also promised to later reveal the identities of Hodor’s father and the man who killed Hodor’s mother, but in exchange Vecna asks for a sacrifice and a time period the quota must be filled or else Hodor is tortured with visions of his dead mother until he sacrifices someone. Hodor then left Luskan and on his way out of town a few of the people in town who bullied Hodor met him there to “say goodbye”. Hodor sacrificed them all to Vecna.

Hodor was sucked into a dungeon where he met Herman Pain, and Lance Gutentag. Now he is travelling with them looking to do that thing Lupenticus (stupid Lupenticus) told him to do.

Enemies: Hodor’s father, and the man who killed his mother. Every god except Vecna
Goals: kill his father, and the man who killed his mother. Become the heart of Vecna


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