Mournrysn Calfryn

The overwhlemingly handsome, powerful drow sorcerer with a shady past and a dark future.


level 16 drow sorcerer
Carries a staff
wears armor
very charismatic and handsome, mysterious
tall (6’0")
lean and built
First name means legendary sorcerer, last name means champion of the nobles


Raised in the powerful, influential House Cal’fryn, one of the most powerful, rich, and dangerous families in all of the drow world, and feared throughout the Underdark, Mournrysn descends from a long line of sorcerers. They are a part of an elite group of masters of the arcane arts that are tasked with defending the leaders of the city-state of Menzoberranzan (famously home of Drizzt Do’Urden). This group, referred to as the Black Circle, act as secret police and body guards to the rest of the houses, including the current ruling house, House Baenre. They are also tasked with the duty of stomping out worship of other gods, besides Lolth in the city.

Mournrysn’s great grandfather was a key general that helped defeat the army of grey dwarves that invaded the city and began the Silence of Lolth. unfortunately, he died trying to help defeat the dwarves. Due to this, Mournrysn has a deep hatred for all dwarven races. His sister was also killed by a large group of bandits that consisted of halflings during a trip to the human continent. For this, he has sworn to avenge his sisters death with the death of ten thousand halflings. So far, to date, he has only slain around 40. It’s a work in progress.

The Cal’fryn family is the Third House in Menzoberranzan, and are therefore and incredibly wealthy and powerful, and have influence not only in the Underdark, but also throughout the Feywild.

Mournrysn’s father has tasked him to find the Battle Standard of Shadow, the one his great grandfather used during the dwarven invasion. It’s held by a group of eladrin warlocks and wizards called the Order of the Light, who are bent on destroying the Underdark. They stole it a decade ago and are hiding somewhere in the Feywild. Mournrysn must go, and prove his worth to enter the Black Circle, and also restore his family to the honor of being the Second House.

After venturing out of the Underdark with his two Spiderguards, Duagagh Teb’afein and Geldorl Zsz’aonar, he was attacked by an adult dragon. He failed to slay it,and Duagagh was killed in the fight. He realized he needed help, and made an adventuring party with a warforged bard named Lar, a revenant invoker referred to as Lupenticus, and a maddened dragonborn barbarian named Captain Friendship. They traveled around, readying for a trip to the Feywild. However, during the trip, Geldorl was brutally murdered by a group of bandits that attacked the group.

This group learned of great treasures in a far away town, and they proceeded to travel to it. In order to obtain the treasures, and save the town from an invasion of giants, they had to travel to the past. Unfortunately, the portal didn’t place Mournrysn with his fellow adventurers in the past, its shot him a little bit into the future…

Mournrysn Calfryn

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