Serena Lucia

Slightly Deranged Elven Wizard


Serena was born in the Gray Forest, and she spent her early childhood climbing the trees and singing songs to the birds under the watchful eyes of her parents. Her youthful innocence did not last very long, however, because a few years later her parents were killed by wizards of Thay. Serena escaped only because they did not notice her hiding up in the boughs of the tallest Rowan tree.

Earlier that day, she had noticed that her parents were acting oddly. They had given her a dagger and said that they may have to leave soon, because it wasn’t safe. Serena had run off to say a final goodbye to her animal friends, but they were nowhere to be found. She had searched until the sun began to set, and then, reluctantly, made her way back to where her parents were looking for her. Serena had the wonderful idea to climb up a tree and try to scare them when they came near. She thought it awfully clever of herself to worry them, since they were making her leave the only home she had ever known.

When Serena heard her parents calling for her, she giggled to herself and became still, so that not even their sharp eyes could pick her out from the limbs of the tree. She watched them as they drew closer, until they were almost underneath of the tree she perched in. She was about to jump down at them when she heard a twig snap from behind a bush. Her head snapped up at the same time as her parents’, and together they watched the shadows glide out from where they were hiding.
A battle ensued, and helpless little Serena watched her parents fight with widened eyes. She had the dagger, but she didn’t know what to do with it, and she was afraid of getting in the way. Her parents would protect her, she thought. There was no way that the bad guys would win.

But Serena was naïve, and did not know of the power that these “bad guys” possessed. She watched as her father fell, and her mother desperately ran to him. She watched as the wizards closed in on her mother. And she watched, as her mother was struck down in front of her. Her eyes filled with tears, and she wanted to reach out to her parents, but she was terrified of the enemies. She could not go to them, and so she sat, petrified, on her branch until the dawn came and the wizards were nowhere to be seen. Then she finally scrambled down and to the bodies of her parents.

She took a little time to mourn them, but not much, as she feared that she would be attacked. Little Serena had grown up in the span of only a few hours, and she could no longer be considered a child. She took a deep breath, wiped the tears off of her face, and looked at her parents. She gave each of them a kiss on the check, and then she took the discarded weapons that they had wielded in their last fight. She slowly stood up, and ran off in the opposite direction than that which the wizards had taken.

Serena spent the rest of her childhood and adolescence this way. She wandered wherever her feet took her and learned to fight. She would carry the guilt of her parents’ deaths with her for the rest of her life. Serena promised herself that she would never allow herself to be helpless again. That she would never again have to watch someone she cared about be slain. She learned to fight and hone her power, and she became strong. She promised herself that the next time she was in battle, she would be ready.

When she became old enough to be employed, she took whatever jobs she could get. When money was scarce, she stole what she needed or got it from nature. Serena’s fighting only improved, and she fought in quite a few real battles, using her skills and upholding her promise. She would never again be weak. And she would never forget that day, when she learned that light does not always prevail against dark, and you have to try to make the outcome what you wish it to be. For if you do nothing, then nothing will come of it, and you will have no one to blame for the outcome but yourself.

Because of her history, Serena can be a bit sadistic when it comes to dealing with her enemies. She is extremely loyal to those who manage to become close to her, and if someone harms those she cares for, they can expect long and painful torture. And you can be sure that she will enjoy every second of their pain. Most of the time, however, she appears to be optimistic and carefree. She never seems to take anything seriously, though inside she thinks everything through very thoroughly. She is usually calm, but she’s a time bomb waiting for just the right moment to go off.

Serena Lucia

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